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Pure Classical Pilates
Theory and Practice as Joseph Pilates Intended

Pure Classical Pilates - Pilates Training & Pilates Education

Discovering Pure Classical Pilates looks deeply into Joseph Pilates? traditional method of mental and physical conditioning by describing its foundations, goals, movement qualities and benefits. Specific attention is given to the ways in which market forces, individual creativity or ambition lead to deterioration and commercialization of the traditional Pilates method.

This classical pilates book harkens back in time to Joseph Pilates’ own two books—Your Health (1934) and Return to Life Through Contrology (1945)—by exploring social, economic, psychological and spiritual issues associated with his traditional work. There is so much more to Discovering Pure Classical Pilates! Within this book, you will uncover the passionate and priceless treasures found only in the historically accurate technique as taught by traditionalists throughout the world.

Read an Excerpt from book and see what everyone is talking about!

Book reviews by: Suzanne DiffineTom Floyd

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